Benefit Communications

Ensuring your pension and employee benefit plan is communicated to members in a clear and engaging way, both at launch and on an ongoing basis, is fundamental to its success. Communication and member engagement services are therefore an essential part of our proposition.

MPS believes that it excels at this particular aspect. We have received many commendations from clients and plan members along the lines of: ‘that was the first time I actually understood what a pension plan was all about.’

Our extensive experience in tailoring communications to each pension plan, sponsoring employer and workforce, enables us to talk to members in a clear unambiguous manner. It enables us to provide concise information and guidance to help employees understand their benefits and, importantly, make informed decisions.

MPS normally designs its member information with your branding, language and style which will be aligned to the corporate identity.

We have the necessary expertise to deliver:

  • Bespoke literature
  • Group presentations to communicate pension plan information
  • One-to-one meetings to answer individual questions
  • A dedicated helpline and email address to provide assistance for all active pension plan members

If you are seeking assistance with any of the above points, or would simply like to better understand your current arrangements, please contact us