Employee Benefits Consulting

In the constantly evolving world of employee benefits, employers, trustees, finance and HR directors find themselves spending an increasing amount of time fulfilling their legislative and regulatory obligations.

Couple this with the need to keep abreast of the changing needs of existing and new staff, it goes without saying that any employee benefits programme must be well – planned and efficient with the flexibility to cater for the needs of plan members and legislative change.

MPS provides a range of services to employers for their pension and employee benefit plans and our goal is to provide innovative, straightforward solutions to the above issues. We bring a wealth of experience to bear in providing services and our work can be varied and wide – ranging depending on our clients’ needs.

Some recent examples have included:

  • Reviews of current benefit arrangements with employers
    • To ensure compliance with the Government  ‘auto – enrolment’ legislation
    • To obtain better value for money for plan members
    • To ensure that existing and, as far as possible, future needs are met
  • Preparation of announcement material for plan members together with personalised illustrations of projected benefits
  • Presentations to staff of revisions to their benefit programme
  • The introduction of new benefits to existing programmes
  • The implementation and communication of ‘salary exchange’ schemes to improve the tax – efficiency of employees’ pension contributions
  • Promoting the benefit of pension plan membership to groups of employees
  • Helping to improve employees’ understanding of their benefit arrangements

If you are seeking assistance with any of the above points, or would simply like to better understand your current arrangements, please contact us